WebGen2 updated to version 2.48, 2.49

Web gallery app upped and upped again

Back around the time of the 2012 London Show, Dave Stratford released an update to his website/gallery generator, WebGen2,  bringing it up to version 2.48, and a couple of weeks later he released another update to bring the application up to version 2.49.

When presented with a folder of images, the software can produce either a single index page containing thumbnails of all the images, an index page of the thumbnails with a link to pages containing the full size images, or a Javascript based page containing the thumbnails, and which will display the full images when the mouse pointer is moved over one of them.

Version 2.48 fixed a couple of minor bugs, as well as added a small amount of new functionality, including a new ‘rescan’ option, enabling the user to scan the existing input directory again if any changes have been made (for example deleting any images or renaming them). Previously, this would have necessitated starting again with that directory.

The update to version 2.49 also dealt with a couple of minor bugs, as well as one much more serious bug that has been present for some time but only just discovered. The directory of images presented to WebGen can actually contain subdirectories, and that in turn means it’s possible to present the application with more than one image with the same name. Some time back, Dave added an option to deal with this, by renaming images with duplicated names – but it turns out this only worked if there were two or three such images; in cases where there were four or more, the function failed.

The HTML manual (available as a separate 1.8MB download) has also been updated significantly for the v2.49 release, and there are sample galleries generated with the software contained within the manual folder.

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