UnitConv 2.32 released

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UnitConv, Chris Johnson’s, application for converting between various units – generally SI and Imperial, but also including some more specialist options – has seen another update, with version 2.32 now being available. The main changes since version 2.30 include:

  • Some pop-up menus, for example in the image size window, didn’t do anything – these have now been fixed.
  • The application now strips leading spaces from the units factor when loading the data file for editing. This prevents a “buffer full” error that sometimes occurred.
  • When saving, the application now formats the units data in columns to make it more readable, and adds some more comments.
  • A backup of the “customdat” file (as _customdat) is made before an edited version is saved.
  • Some tidying has taken place of window templates in the ‘res’ file.

UnitConv is freely available from Chris Johnson’s RISC OS Software page (mirrored here and here).


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