Impulse module updated after 10 years

Apps can’t help acting on impulse.

The Impulse module was originally released by Computer Concepts (now Xara), and was in part the result of the company’s plans to develop a replacement for Arthur, the operating system used on the Archimedes computers before Acorn brought out RISC OS 2. The module provides a mechanism for inter-application communications, command execution and data transfer, and is used by databases such as Impact and Powerbase in conjunction with Impression, ImpEmail and Ovation Pro to perform mail-merges and produce reports.

Until now, the most recent update to the module was in December 2002, when version 0.20 was released as the first 32-bit version – but thanks to the efforts of Sine Nomine, version 0.21 is now available.

This version fixes some issues whereby the Impulse module can interfere with messages sent by a task to itself (including broadcast messages), issues that came to light during the development of ImpEmail, the new mail merging email software supplied with Impact. In addition to this, a safety check on the length of the command for the Impulse_SendMessage SWI has been added.

Developers who distribute Impulse as part of their applications are strongly encouraged to upgrade their distributions to the new version.

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