RISC OS Fr launches Raspberry Pie contest

Despite the ‘e’ it is computer-related, and not some kind of Great British French Bake Off.

Shortly before this year’s Wakefield Show David Feugey, the man behind RISC OS Fr, pre-announced an, er, announcement that would made on the morning of the show – and the announcement he pre-announced was indeed announced when he said it would be announced.

And what was that announcement? It was for the Raspberry Pie contest.

The image that was shown with the pre-announcement, and which is now on the Raspberry Pie contest page, shows a slice of pie – hence the name – but rest assured, the contest is nothing to do with cooking, although food may feature in one of the ways to win!

The page lists three possible routes to entry – and therefore three possible ways to win:

  1. Share an idea. Come up with a really good idea, and provide as much detail as possible. Examples given include an idea for a piece of software, including an original game (with rules and example pictures), an education project for RISC OS, or a robotics project utilising RISC OS and a Raspberry pi.
  2. Share a resource. I.e. if you have something that could be used by others – share it. Examples for this include music and graphics produced on RISC OS, or even an original desktop wallpaper, with a note saying “raspberry pies accepted”!
  3. The first two themselves cover most areas, but just in case they don’t cover every possibility, the third category states just “Surprise us with something original. Be creative!”

David hasn’t noted a closing date – so like his previous programming contests, this is presumably open ended and will run until somebody is declared a winner. That winner will receive a Raspberry Pi Model B, with 512MB RAM, and delivered with an SD card with RISC OS 5.23 RC14 pre-installed, an enclosure, a PSU, and some documentation. He clarifies that the PSU is for the UK mains standard, but that all European users are welcome to enter.

Entries should be emailed to David, and the conditions are that your contribution must be original (i.e. that it has never been published before), and must be free to share and distribute; participation means you agree to your contribution being published on RISC OS Fr, including your name, whether or not you are declared the final winner.

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