RISC OS Awards 2015: Final call for votes!

Closing date looks suspiciously like the start of my holiday1.

RISC OS Awards logoThe opportunity to vote in RISCOSitory’s third annual RISC OS Awards poll will be coming to an end soon!

The voting form will remain live until the morning of Friday, 12th February – one week from now.

Voting in the RISC OS Awards is a way to help publicise what you feel is the best (and sometimes worst) the RISC OS world has to offer: What show or event you enjoyed the most, what you think has been the most welcome step forward for the platform, and so on. It is way to offer a public show of appreciation to those who take their time to develop the software, collate news and information, organise those events, and so on.

For most categories, you will be presented with a small selection of options to vote for – but if you don’t wish to vote in that category, a “No opinion” option is selected by default. And if you wish to vote for something not listed, you can select the “alternative option” and put your selection in the text field.

For alternative option ideas, those received so far have been detailed here on RISCOSitory.

So if you haven’t yet voted, time is running out – get voting!


  1. Because, conveniently, it is.

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