RISC OS London Show – final countdown

It is now just a few days until the RISC OS London Show, 2010, organised by ROUGOL – the RISC OS User Group of London – which takes place on October 23rd at the St Giles Hotel, Feltham. Doors are open to the public from 11am until 5pm, with tickets costing £5 on the door. Directions can be found on both the show website’s venue page as well as the hotel’s own website, and Tim Hill has posted some detailed directions on comp.sys.acorn.misc based on knowledge gained from occasionally working in the vicinity. Google seems to know where it is, as well.

A wide range of exhibitors have booked space at the show, catering to the tastes of just about all RISC OS users. Well, maybe not all tastes, just the ones for which you use comput… Oh. Ahem. Let’s forget I said that and just look at the exhibitors!

RISC OS London Show 2010
RISC OS London Show 2010

Your RISC OS magazine needs will be catered to with the presence of both Archive and Qercus – the latter of which, apparently, is considering moving to online publication. Step up Orpheus Internet, then, who will also be in attendance.

If your interests lie in the area of music, then look for 3rd Event Technologies, developers of AMCS, an “ARM based embedded music production system, which is vastly superior at live performance MIDI sequencing than any other competing system.” Also look out for Michael Emerton, demonstrating RiscDJ, a music library management/playback system.

For those who want to hear about the latest operating system developments, look out for RISC OS Ltd, who will be demonstrating and discussing their latest version of RISC OS, and RISC OS Open Ltd, who will be there to discuss and demonstrate theirs, which you might see running on a Beagleboard-xM, and an Always Innovating TouchBook. Look out, as well, for emulated solutions, with RPCEmu putting in an appearance, as well as R-Comp with their range of hardware and software.

Speaking of software, all the bases are covered! MW Software will be on hand to discuss the latest versions of ArtWorks and Techwriter, Bernard Veasey will be there to talk about his extensive range of titles, Nigel Willmott will be showing you the latest update to Organizer 2, Martin Hansen will be exploring the combined world of maths and graphics with The MathMagical Software Company, Sine Nomine Software will have the latest versions of Impact, SuperDoku and House of Cards and I will be there in the guise of Soft Rock Software discussing WebChange and various other bits and pieces.

If your interests are more retro, then your needs are well catered for! The Centre for Computing History, a computer museum dedicated to preserving important computer systems, will hopefully bring along their Acorn machines, and Chris Whytehead of Chris’s Acorns will be there with a BBC Domesday System. If you are looking to add more modern upgrades, such as USB, to your 8 bit hardware then look out for Retro Clinic, and if you are nostalgic for a time when you wondered if computer controlled robot arms could be used in your evil plans for world domination – or maybe that was just me? – then look out for Neil Fazakerley of RiscControl/BeebControl. Or maybe hide from him, in case he still has plans like that.

And finally if none of the above takes your fancy, CJE and The Fourth Dimension will be bringing just about everything bar the kitchen sink – if Chris Evans and the team can’t cater to your every need, then I don’t know who can!

See you there!

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