QrCode gains lists in version 2.05

Kevin Wells’ application for producing quick response (QR) codes – the two dimensional ‘square’ bar codes that contain more useful information that the more traditional bar codes – has seen another update, and now stands at version 2.05.

The codes provide a handy way to include information in advertising material, such as posters, in a way that allows people to quickly get that information into their devices – instead of typing in the relevant data, they can simply scan the QR code.

New in this version of the application, cunningly called QrCode, is the addition of another form of data that can be held in the graphics – lists of up to thirteen entries. In addition to the new feature, Kevin has also fixed a couple of bugs – previously, saving the QR code image was causing the wget command to be displayed, and using the phone number facility was causing the program to crash.

The size and colour of the QR codes is configurable, allowing you to customise them suitably for whatever literature you’re producing – just select a few options, key in the data, then generate the code and save it.

The program uses Wget to then send your data and chosen options to a third party service, the QR Code Generator website, which does the actual processing, allowing the application to fetch the resulting graphic for saving and subsequent use – all from the RISC OS desktop.

If you find any of Kevin’s software useful, you could always consider rewarding him for it by buying some merchandise or with a small contribution.

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