MUG Virtual Show videos starting to appear online

ALso: The Midlands User Group now has a YouTube Channel – the RISC OS MUG Zone.

The inaugural virtual show hosted by the Midlands User Group (MUG) took place on 2nd July – and being an online event, it’s no surprise that the various presentations were recorded with the aim of making them available online after.

The group has now launched its own YouTube channel, called the RISC OS Mug Zone, which is where those videos will appear. The first of them – Tony Bartram of AMCOG Games, discussing his development process and showing off some of his work – has already been published, with the remaining videos scheduled to appear daily, over the next week or so, in the order the talks were delivered on the day, as follows:

  • 9th July – Christopher Dewhurst, Drag ‘n Drop, with a number of simple programming tutorials.
  • 10th July – Matthew Phillips, Sine Nomine, presenting RiscOSM.
  • 11th July – Rob Sprowson, Elesar Ltd, with a talk and demo on the subject of TextEase.
  • 12th July – John McCartney, MUG, talking about his efforts to update the Dr Wimp manual.
  • 13th July – Doug Webb, MUG, showing how to dual boot between RISC OS and Linux.
  • 14th July – Andrew Rawnsley, R-Comp, with an overview of recently updated products.
  • 15th July – Andrew Rawnsley, RISC OS Developments, with an overview of recent progress on various projects.
  • 16th July – Steve Revill, RISC OS Open Ltd, discussing the past, present, and future of RISC OS.

As the videos appear, they will be automatically added to the Virtual MUG Show 2022 playlist, which also includes other videos from the show uploaded by individual exhibitors.

Over time, the group also expects to add further content to the channel, such as recordings from meetings, and future events like Saturday’s.

As well as being able to view YouTube content on mainstream computing and mobile platforms, it’s also possible to do so on RISC OS using either Sargasso or YTPlay.

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