FileAccess version 0.13 released

Thomas Milius has been combating bugs in his software, and as a result there is a new version available of the FileAccess module, a fairly old piece of software that he rediscovered during 2021, and gave a polished up for release.

The module is designed to cast a wary eye over your files, monitoring and logging access, and possibly even rejecting that access. It’s able to do that because it can cope with multiple users, each of whom may have different access rights and levels – allowing them to either read, write, or execute given files.

Version 0.13 of the software deals with a couple of bugs, the more serious of which affected the security of access to files.

Thomas notes that the module can be quite slow, and probably not too difficult to get rid of and thus bypass, but it may offer a simple level of protection that’s good enough for basic use.

It can be found on the ‘Computer Activities’ section of his website.

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