Retriever – a new application for indexing, searching files

Thomas Milius has just released another new commercial application, called Retriever. The purpose of the application is, on the surface, quite simple – it provides a method of locating documents based on a number of criteria – but it’s a little more than just another search tool.

Setting up Retriever for first use requires it to analyse the documents you want it to include in its searches in future – this may take a while, depending on how many files you have, have large they are, and so on – but in doing so it caches key information about that file and its contents, with different information cached in its database for different categories of file – with those currently supported documented in the software’s user manual.

With that initial task complete you are then able to search for documents using the application, which will use that internal cache of information, and produce an HTML-document showing all of the files/documents that fulfill all of the specified criteria.

Thomas has released Retriever through his commercial operation, Stader Softwareentwicklung GmbH, pricing it at €47.60 for customers in Germany, and €48 for customers in the UK – both prices include VAT, with the small difference being due to the different rates of VAT in the two countries.

It had been Thomas’ intention to attend the London Show as an exhibitor to launch the software, but with the unpredictability of what restrictions will be in force for overseas travel due to the pandemic, he has decided against it – but does hope to be able to put in an appearance at Wakefield 2022 and London 2023.

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