QrCode rewritten, becomes version 2.00

Kevin Wells has released a new version of his application for turning small amounts of textual information into two dimensional bar codes, aka ‘Quick Response’ codes. These can provide a quick way for people to transfer information into devices that can read them – for example smart phones using a bar code scanner application – such as URLs, contact details, WiFi keys, and so on.

Version 2.00 of QrCode sees the application rewritten, which Kevin explains hopefully means it will be easier to add new features in future. In addition, the application no longer needs Brandy BASIC to run (with thanks offered to Dave Higton for advice and tips that made this possible), and it makes use of the secure API provided by the QR Code Generator website, which it accesses using Wget.

The program can also now produce ‘SMS QrCodes’ – when scanned on a mobile phone, these produce a prompt to send the message encoded into the bar code to the telephone number also encoded. Being a fixed message and number, that may seem a little limited, but it can be useful if you need to present one or more different numbers and/or possible messages (which may need to be precisely written) to people to perform a different tasks – voting for something, for example, or making a donation (or purchase) by phone.

If you find QrCode or any of Kevin’s other software useful, why not reward him by either grabbing some merch or just bunging him a contribution.

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