TIFF output now supported by KPDFUtil

Kevin Wells’ latest application, first released about a month ago, has seen yet another update. Version 1.04 of KPDFUtil now offers conversion of PDF files to TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files.

The application serves as a WIMP-based front-end for the PDFUtils tools, which are used from the command line and offer a variety of functions to be performed on PDF files.

The PDF to TIFF conversion follows a similar pattern to the conversion to PNG and to JPEG functions that have already been added, with many similar options, and some differences due to the nature of the target file format.

This time, as well as options affecting the colour of the exported files, and which pages to export, there are options for the type of compression to be used – none, Packbits, JPEG, LZW, or Deflate – the choice of which will affect both the file size of the resulting file, and the quality of the image.

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