ScummVM 2.2.0 released with support for a colossal range of games

And support for a colossal game, too. Well, one with colossal in its name!

With some superb work from its developers, and in particular Cameron Cawley for his work on the RISC OS port, a new version of ScummVM has been released, and it makes a huge number of old games playable on modern hardware.

Version 2.2.0 of the software now supports interactive fiction (text adventure) games, with support going all the way back to the very first game of that type – Colossal Cave Adventure, originally developed in Fortran for the PDP-10 system in the 1970s. That specific game aside, the new version of ScummVM supports almost 1,600 other interactive fiction games based around engines such as Level 9, Magnetic Scrolls, and ZCode (except Infocom graphical version 6 games), and others. Three more game engines have also been added, with four existing ones extended.

The software was originally developed to make it possible to play certain point and click adventure games on platforms with which the executables weren’t compatible – the software effectively bypasses the executable parts of those games, and acts upon their data files.

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