October discounts from R-Comp

Three products from R-Comp are on special offer this month, as part of what they’re calling an ongoing ‘COVID year of horror’ sale. The three products are:

  • HTMLEdit Studio, normally £50.00 but reduced to £39.99, is a package consists of a number of previously separate products combined in a single kit to help with the task of designing and maintaining websites.
  • Messenger Pro, normally £39.99 but reduced to £29.99, is a comprehensive email and news client with support for both IMAP and POP access to mailboxes, using SSL/TLS if needed, multiple users, and much more.
  • MusicMan, normally £29.00 but reduced to £19.99, is a tool for handling your music collection, with facilities to convert audio from one format or another, as well as to play it on CD or as audio files on your system – so as well as a handy way to listen to your music on CD, it can also help you ‘rip’ them, and then provides a handy way to listen to the results.

All three are available at their reduced prices on !Store – and if you look carefully, you might spot a couple of other previous reductions still live. Better still, according to Andrew Rawnsley some of the discounted software will see (free) updates this month, which potentially makes them even better value.

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