StreetFix fixed

TrainTimes also fixed, but that ruins the play on words in the title!

Kevin Wells has released small updates to two of his applications, StreetFix and TrainTimes. In both cases, the updates address bugs in the programs, with one of those bugs shared by both.

In the case of StreetFix, an application for viewing and reporting local issues, there was a problem that caused a crash if a scroll-wheel mouse was used, which was addressed by a change to the software’s template file. In addition, Kevin also fixed a spelling error in the main window title.

TrainTimes, which can be used to check the times of the next trains due in at a particular station, along with related information, also suffered the same scroll-wheel mouse problem, and was thus fixed in the same way. The application was also updated to match an API change at the data-source that resulted in a blank train time window.

The updated versions of both applications can be downloaded from Kevin’s website.

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