Bunker closing for holidays and shows

Well, mostly, anyway. It may be open sporadically.

Both the Recursion Computer Science Fair and the RISC OS Southwest Show are almost upon us, and my own annual holiday is even more imminent, so it is time to declare the RISCOSitory Bunker closed for a short period.

I set off on that holiday tomorrow, and I will be returning on the 16th only to head straight up to my hotel for the Recursion event, returning home on the evening of the 17th. It is then back to the day job, while also being the final week of preparations for the Southwest Show – from which I will be returning home the day after.

In an ideal world, then, I would declare the Bunker shut from now until Sunday, 25th February.

However, I will be devoting at least some of my holiday to show preparations, so it’s a bit of a working holiday, and subject to internet connectivity, I may be able to post some items of interest on this site. As for the following week, leading up to the Southwest Show, we all know that announcements from exhibitors tend to appear in those last few days, so I will need to allow at least some time to do something about those.

With all of that in mind, the official close-down period is therefore two-fold:

  • From today until 18th February: The Bunker will be closed, but open sporadically if necessary and possible.
  • From 18th until 24th February: The Bunker will be open, but limited to short posts at best.

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