PipeDream and Fireworks hosting and linking

Announcement from Gerald Fitton, 3rd February 2014

Colton Software and Abacus Training together with Stuart Swales, the former lead programmer of Colton Software, have decided that the time has come to make PipeDream and Fireworkz more widely available. Colton Software are the owners of PipeDream and Fireworkz; we at Abacus Training have the exclusive distribution rights for which we are now waiving our exclusivity. Of course copyright remains with Colton Software.

For about two years now we have made PipeDream and Fireworkz free downloads so that any user can download and install PipeDream and Fireworkz. What we are aiming to do now is to encourage all those who provide a software bundle with their hardware to include both PipeDream and Fireworkz in that bundle.

We are aiming to encourage those who host RISC OS websites to include on their websites either the software itself or a link to the the latest version of this software.

The most recent versions of PipeDream and Fireworkz are to be found on the Croftnuisk website hosted by the former Colton Software lead programmer, Stuart Swales.

Those wishing to redistribute PipeDream and Fireworkz are free to download these programs from the Croftnuisk website and then redistribute that software. All that we ask is that they notify stuart.swales@croftnuisk.co.uk that they are doing this.

Stuart continues to maintain and upgrade both PipeDream and Fireworkz. The most recent versions of PipeDream and Fireworkz will always be available on this Croftnuisk website.

Gerald Fitton

For and on behalf of Abacus Training

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