ClassicRip 0.60i

Announcement from Jim Lesurf, 15th April, 2014.

I’ve now put up version 0.60i of ClassicRip.

This version fixes some bugs present in the earlier versions. Pervious versions didn’t work on an Iyonix. This version should work okay. Note that this new release adds an new control setting, so please (re-)read the !Help file before use.

ClassicRip provides a convenient way to ‘rip’ Audio CD tracks to wave files. It has a set of specific features aimed at making the process easier to control.

It allows the user to rip successive tracks to a single file and generates a text file listing the timing details. This is useful when producing a single file for multi-track musical works like symphonies.

It also give the user a choice of ripping methods, using either ‘CDParanoia’ or ‘ripframes’.

Please note that inside the ClassicRip application directory I have supplied copies of cdparanoia and my ripframes utility. Before use, ensure you have copied into your ‘Library’ directory the most recent versions of cdparanoia and ripframes, as supplied in ClassicRip 0.60i.

I have also provided the source code. Anyone who wishes is welcome to make use of this as they choose, including to modify it as they prefer.

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