ChartDraw version 3.52

Announcement from Chris Johnson, 14th May, 2014.

I am pleased to announce that version 3.52 of ChartDraw is now available.

ChartDraw allows the production of a range of charts. The program plots simple line graphs, stacked and grouped barcharts and piecharts. The resulting graph may be printed via any standard RISC OS printer driver, or saved as a draw file.

This new version is the result of a complete rewrite of ChartDraw, and offers a number of new features. A full html based help manual is included.

Version 3.52 of ChartDraw can be downloaded from or

ChartDraw is also available via a package manager. If you use PackMan and are using the ROOL package server URL in your PackMan sources and you have recently updated the package list then ChartDraw should already be listed.

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