Easi/TechWriter 9.1 released

Announcement from Martin Wuerthner, 11th October, 2013

I am glad to announce a new release of the EasiWriter family of structured word processors with MS Word compatibility. Version 9.1 made its first public appearance at this year’s Wakefield Show in April, but the official release has been held back until now to allow further features to be added.Version 9.1 offers many improvements to MS Word (.docx) import and features substantially enhanced HTML export using HTML4 and CSS (cascading style sheets).

The improvements to .docx import include: headers and footers import, cropped images, sub/superscript, hyperlinks (to bookmarks and external URLs), paragraph borders and background colours, much improved table import with column widths and multiple text paragraphs in table cells.

The new HTML4/CSS export allows documents to be rendered much more accurately by web browsers (e.g., at the document’s original font size, with paragraph backgrounds and borders and paragraph spacing as set up in the document), and it even allows users who are familiar with CSS to edit the exported style sheet for further stylistic refinement.

Details about the improvements can be found on the EasiWriter and TechWriter page on the MW Software website.


Prices can be found on the Payment information web page, and the software can be purchased online using PayPal.

About Easi/TechWriter

EasiWriter is a structured word processor that is ideally suited to writing structured documents like essays, reports or user manuals. In addition to its unique structured approach it offers advanced word processing features like footnotes, automatic chapter or section titles in headers/footers, in-built table support with tables that can flow across several columns or pages, comprehensive indexing, automatic content generation, hyperlinks within the document or to external URLs, and much more.

Its comprehensive support for foreign file formats, most notably its ability to read and write MS Word .doc (and .rtf) files make EasiWriter an indispensable tool for many RISC OS users. EasiWriter also supports the new .docx format introduced with Word 2003 and the .odt format used by OpenOffice.org.

TechWriter offers mathematical typesetting capabilities on top of the host of features present in EasiWriter, making it the ideal choice for technical specifications, textbooks and scientific papers.


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