SiteMatch 2.40f, 2.42a released

Both beta, but one beta a bit better than the other beta.

SiteMatch is a website management tool that helps to automate the process of uploading new and changed files in a website, by analysing the local copy and comparing information about the files therein to the information stored the last time it carried out this process. Those files that it doesn’t recognise, or whose attributes have changed, can then be uploaded (using FTPc v1.29 or higher) to the remote server, with the new information about what’s what then stored for comparison the next time. The software can also copy new and changed files to another location on your local network, which makes it useful as a simple backup tool.

Originally written by Dave Edwards, the software is now maintained by Richard Porter who announced the release of version 2.40f, a beta version, on 26th June. This version addressed an omission in the previous version of the software, whereby it wasn’t updating certain information in the site list and site file, although this didn’t affect the program’s ability to do its job. This became version 2.41, lifting the beta tag, on 26th June.

However, following the release of version 2.40f, a discussion ensued in the comp.sys.acorn.apps usenet group, which dealt with the issue of how SiteMatch handles the loading and saving of its choices: It was using the system variable <Choices$Write> not only for saving choices, but also for loading them. As a result of that discussion, Richard has released version 2.42a on 28th June, again as a beta,  which addresses the issue – the software now loads its choices from Choices:AppName.<FileName>, and saves them to <Choices$Write>.AppName.<FileName>

For other RISC OS programmers (or would-be programmers) who do have yet to learn about the standard way to load and save choices, Justin Fletcher’s explanatory document is worth a look.

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