Pic_Index 1.24c fixes bug

RISC OS 4 and 6 users can once again show the world their holiday snaps.

Pic_Index is an application developed by John Williams to generate a thumbnail index for a set of JPEG files, in HTML format – ideal for use as gallery pages on websites, CD ROMs, or anywhere else the user might wish to store the images and resulting HTML.

Back in May, John released a new version of the application, version 1.24b. This version included new versions of the binary utilities used by the software, making it compatible with ARM-v7 systems, such as the BeagleBoard, and also saw the application updated to use version 5.02 of the Dr Wimp BASIC library.

However, it turned out that a bug, apparently only evident on versions of RISC OS other than RISC OS 5, had been introduced at the same time. Version 1.24c addresses that bug, which involved the creation of a Dynamic Area (an area of memory that an application can set up to hold data it is using).

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