Coming soon to a browser near you – RISCOSbits

Just don’t mention the acronym in polite company, mkay?

A newly registered domain and associated website has popped up, apparently through which its owner – Andy Marks – intends to sell of his collection of Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras. (I did say not to mention the acronym in polite company, didn’t I? Oh, yes, I did.)

Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras logo
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras logo

There is a simple logo to go with the acronym – though it’s based on the acronym itself, and not a stylised representation of what it spells out.

Despite having “quite clearly enjoyed coming up with the name”, Andy hasn’t used the acronym for the domain name – instead he’s opted to call it RISCOSbits.

According to the welcome page he has almost twenty five years experience of using Acorn and RISC OS computers, ranging from an Acorn Electron from the 8-bit days, all the way up to current hardware in the form of R-Comp’s ARMSX ARMX6.

These are, coincidentally, the same first and most recent computers I’ve purchased that are relevant here. I’m excluding the Titanium, since that’s only a ‘board’ (and is still to be set up). And I’m certainly ignoring the last Windows PCs I’ve purchased, because, well, “relevant here”.

Last time I checked, though, my name wasn’t Andy Marks – so this isn’t me selling a load of gear I’ve accumulated over the years.

The RISCOSbits website is currently incomplete – there are sections planned for Hardware, Cables and Adaptors – but the pages that are up are the home/welcome page, with a large ‘COMING SOON’ emblazoned across it, a contact page, and a ‘stocklist’ page, which shows the range of things Andy has available.

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