Wakefield Show formally announced

But not so formally that I had to wear a dinner jacket to publish it here!

Although the date for the 2017 Wakefield Show has been known about since the 2016 London Show, where it first appeared in the public eye in the issue of Archive Magazine published on the day of the event, it hadn’t been formally announced. At the time Archive’s editor, Jim Nagel, told me that he asked WROCC’s Chris Hughes for the date so that it could be included in the magazine, and I similarly asked Chris for confirmation before publishing it in a news nybble.

Today, however, that more formal announcement has been issued by the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club, the group that organises the event.

As previously noted – and predicted here on RISCOSitory in the Wakefield 2016 Show Report, published in June of last year – the date for this year’s show will be Saturday, 22nd April, 2017. It will be open to the public from 10:30am until 4:30pm, with the cost of entry being £5.00 – and in keeping with the last few years, there will also be tickets available for a Prize Draw, the winner of which will receive some RISC OS-related goodies.

The first ever Wakefield Show, which took place in 1996, was held at the Cedar Court Hotel, just off the M1, and after several years at other venues, it eventually returned to the hotel and has remained there ever since – and this year is no different; the show will once again be held at:

The Cedar Court Hotel,
Denby Dale Road,
Calder Grove,
West Yorkshire,
WF4 3QZ.

For those visitors coming from afar, the show website includes a Travel & Accommodation page with detailed instructions on how to get there by various modes of transport, as well as an extensive list of nearby hotels for people – both visitors and exhibitors – to stay overnight. And similarly, the Venue page provides details of the hotel’s facilities, as well as a list of nearby pubs and restaurants for people to eat.

Exhibitors are being contacted even as we speak – well, I write, and you read – and the organisers hope that, as usual, there will be a good range covering both the RISC OS and 8-bit worlds. Details of who will be attending will appear on the Exhibitors page in the coming weeks – along with details of the ever popular Show Theatre programme.

And, last but by no means least, with over £17,000 raised to date, there will once again be a Charity Stall raising money for the Wakefield Hospice, and as well as goods to be sold on the stall (with some exceptions for practical and legal reasons), old mobile phones can also be donated.

So, all that remains to be said is…

See you there!

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