Wakefield 2015 date now known

Time to think about heading North. Unless it’s South of where you are.

The Wakefield Show website has been updated1, and is now displaying the date of the 2015 show.

As suggested in the 2014 show report, that date of the event is 25th April, 2015 – the day before the 30th anniversary of the first piece of code being run on the ARM1 processor, which happened on 26th April, 1985. That’s not the only significant birthday, though, because this will also be the twentieth show organised by the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club.

At this stage information on the site about the show itself is sparse2, with no exhibitors listed – booking forms are presumably yet to be sent out or, if they have been, may be still in the post – but what the site does reveal is that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the venue remains unchanged: The show will be taking place at the Cedar Court Hotel, Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4, 3QZ – a stone’s throw from junction 39 of the M1.

Doors will be open to the public from 10:30am until 4:30pm, and the price of admission is £5.00, with children under twelve (accompanied by an adult) getting a free pass.

So the only other thing that needs to be said is “See you there!”

Oh, that and a couple of footnotes referenced above:


  1. According to the “Site Updates” page, the 2015 website was launched on 29th November, 2014. However, I’m sure I visited the site in early December “just in case” and thought it still showed details of the 2014 show. Perhaps the new site wasn’t actually uploaded until a slightly later date, or perhaps I was seeing the contents of a remote cache. Who knows?
  2. While details about the show and exhibitors are understandably sparse at this stage, the site does contain plenty of information on hotels and restaurants, etc., in the area – so if you need to consider where to stay for your visit, you’re well covered! Now, excuse me while I book myself a hotel room…


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