Midlands 2014: One week’s time

Roll up, roll up!

In one week’s time, 12th July, 2014, the Midlands Midsummer Mugshow takes place in it’s usual venue in Kenilworth, and it’s time to take a quick look at who will be bringing along their wares for you to come along and see.

The comparatively short list given on the show website consists of CJE Micro’s, R-Comp, Orpheus Internet, RISC OS Open, Soft Rock Software, Sine Nomine Software, Serious Statistical Software, and David Bradforth, along with the customary charity stand which, at the Midlands Show, raises funds for Tools with a Mission.

CJE tells me they’ll be bringing along their usual collection of all things Acorn and Rasberry Pi, and that they hope to be able to demonstrate DisplayLink adaptors. These allow computers to connect to compatible screens using USB, ethernet and WiFi – although since we don’t yet have WiFi on RISC OS, CJE will presumably be hoping to demonstrate their use with USB and/or ethernet. It’s also possible that they may be able to bring along a ‘proof of concept’ design involving the Raspberry Pi Compute module – for which, if you were at Wakefield 2014, or watched Chris Evans’ Wakefield presentation on YouTube, you’ll know they have big plans.

Another proof of concept design will be appearing on the Soft Rock Software stand; I’ve recently designed two new cases for the (normal) Raspberry Pi and I’ll be bringing along the first prototypes, one of each design, for your viewing pleasure. While there are any number of cases available for the tiny computer, these two cases have a distinctly RISC OS flavour and, I hope, will bring a smile to any RISC OS user who sees them. The cases should be available to buy later in the year – but if you want to see them, you need to be at the Midlands Show (or this week’s Bristol RISC OS Users meeting).

No significant details are available about what other exhibitors will be bringing along – though it’s easy to speculate, for example, that Sine Nomine will be trying to temp you with their newest product, vector mapping application RiscOSM. I did send an email earlier in the week to all the exhibitors for whom I have contact details, asking for a quick note about what they’ll be showing, but I’ve had very little response. Being optimistic, I’d hope that this is because everyone is too busy preparing something, so it might not be unreasonable to expect ‘more news to follow’ (R-Comp, in particular, are known for sending out announcements in the week running up to shows) – so watch this space.

The show will be taking place at St John’s Church Hall, 205 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1HY, with doors open from 11:00am until 4:00pm. The entrance fee is a mere £1 for adults, with children getting in for free.

See you there!



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