DeleGate software update now available on !Store

Announcement from R-Comp, 4th August, 2014.

We are pleased to announce that a third update has been released for our DeleGate system deletion/protection software on !Store.

First revealed at the Midlands show, DeleGate is a new, low-cost software product designed to fulfill a need for RISC OS 5 users, but also applicable to RISC OS 4. DeleGate protects your computer from deletions, and problems caused by such accidents by building on protection that we supply with ARMiniX and PiPlus. It goes much further, providing security alongside more traditional “waste bin” functionality.

The design goals for the project mean that we want the software to have extensive functionality – a lengthy development! Right now, it is already providing useful protection, so we’re offering an “early access” scheme, whereby customers can purchase DeleGate for a reduced price now, which will rise steadily as we head towards v1.00.

This way, customers get useful software now, and can make suggestions and requests for features, whilst also saving money compared to the final release price.

Existing features include a “job-based” deletion system that keeps files/directories intact when deleted, either by deleting from the filer, or by drag and drop to DeleGate on the icon bar. For those not wishing to waste icon bar space, there’s a “no icon bar” mode, automatic bin expiry, and easy configuration. The program can be made to launch at start-up at the click of a button, and supports flexible bin location.

The BootGuard protection software which started the project is also included – the first time it has been available outside of ARMini and ARMiniX (and corresponding Beagle/Panda/Pi support schemes). BootGuard is designed to protect from accidental deletions of key system files, which could affect your computer’s ability to boot.

You can download the !Store software from, and it is included in Apps on every Pi, ARMini, ARMiniX and RISCube.

Alternatively, we can accept phone orders, but please be aware that !Store is our recommended method as it’ll be easy to get the (regular) updates that we’re issuing.

Why the announcement now? Well, many users are already relying on DeleGate, so it seems a good time to make an announcement, but also we want people to benefit from the current £10 pricing.

The next update we issue will likely be quite a big one (adding significant new functionality) and is currently undergoing final polish and testing. That update will almost certainly be followed by the first price rise towards the final release price. So, if you’d like to grab a bargain, it felt important to let you know sooner rather than later.

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