Wakefield is just about upon us

So there’s no time for even a snifter of a snippet.

As usual, in the run up to the annual Wakefield Show, the premier event in the land of RISC OS, announcements and updates are ten-a-penny. And, as usual, I am exhibiting at the show with my Soft Rock Software hat on.

This normally means that as show day gets closer and closer, I have a lot to do – and, consequently, I haven’t had time to sift through the various announcements that have reached my inbox.Many of them will relate to the show itself, in that they will be updates and/or new software, and so on, being launched at the show – though in other cases it’s just coincidental that the release happens to be around show time.

With that in mind, hopefully I’ll have the time to talk to other exhibitors over the course of the show (or at least grab any flyers they have on their stands), and any announcements of stuff being launched at the show will be covered in a show report. I’ll aim to then sift through all the announcements I’ve received to filter show related items out, and write a ‘snippets’ post to cover anything else.

In the meantime… take a peek over at The RISC OS Blog, where there has been some good coverage of things I’ve not even had a chance to look at yet… and see you all at the show.

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