Snippets – 14th January 2012

Following the release of version 1.32 of DrawPrint, Sine Nomine Software have announced version 1.34, which fixes a number of bugs, crediting Harriet Bazley for finding most of them, and offering apologies to users who have downloaded version 1.32 or 1.33 in the last few days, who will now need to download version 1.34 instead.

“Even if you don’t expect to use the new page export features,” explains Hilary Phillips, “you should still download the new version as it fixes a couple of bugs which have been around for a while.”

And Harriet Bazley has herself announced a “tweak” to SideDiff, her application to display the differences between two versions of a text or BASIC file, side-by-side in a colour-coded format.

The tweak is to change line 9 of the !Run file to read:

RMEnsure SlidingHeap 2.12 RMLoad <SideDiff$Dir>.SHeap.SlidingHp

Where it currently reads:

RMEnsure SlidingHeap 2.00 RMLoad <SideDiff$Dir>.SHeap.SlidingHp

For those of a technical bent, the effect of this change is to force SideDiff to load the version of the SlidingHeap module supplied inside the application instead of using an earlier version if one is already in memory. This is to ensure that  the heap pointer (in R0) is preserved across SWI calls, which was not always the case in v2.00 of the module, and which can cause obscure bugs to manifest in SideDiff if it is used with early versions of SlidingHeap (a module which provides heap access and management from BASIC/ARM code programs).

For the benefit of those people who would rather not edit or modify parts of applications they have installed on their computers, Harriet has uploaded a version of SideDiff with this alteration in place.

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