May 162012

Another bug squashed, poor little mite.

With the release of Chris Gransden’s ports of Hheretic and Hhexen, a problem was found with the then latest version of the DRenderer module – 0.56 beta 6. Christopher Martin, who has been updating the module lately, was hot on the case and released beta 7, which he thought addressed the problem.

Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case.

However, Christopher has looked at the module yet again, and has now issued version 0.56 beta 8, fixing another bug that surfaced with the recent release of the two games – which, hopefully, should now make them fully playable. Continue reading »

May 122012

That is not the DRenderer you are looking for.

The DigitalRenderer (DRenderer) module, which is usually supplied along with the SharedUnixLibrary, is used to provide sound support for applications and games ported to RISC OS which make use of that library. However, the version supplied with SharedUnixLibrary on can play back audio at the wrong speed and contains some bugs which could theoretically crash a RISC OS computer if they are triggered, although it’s considered unlikely to happen.

Christopher Martin has been updating the module, and provisionally hosting it until a new version of SharedUnixLibrary is made available, along with the new version of DRenderer – the changes for which Christopher has contributed to the GCCSDK team. Continue reading »