Software preservation at RISC OS London Show

Something that has been increasingly talked about in recent years is how to preserve old software, to ensure it doesn’t disappear when old discs, etc, become unreadable, with a number of people taking steps to do just that. One such person is Paul Emerton, who will be at the London Show to talk about the subject, and hopefully take the necessary steps to preserve any software people may bring along.

Compare RISC OS distributions with ROUGOL – 20th September

Depending on which platform you use, there may be a number of different options available to you for RISC OS itself. As well as the standard distribution from RISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL), for example, there’s also the ePic option, also from ROOL, which – for a price – adds a great deal of bundled commercial software. Then there’s RISC OS Direct from RISC OS Developments Ltd, and if you’re opting for an emulated solution, what about older versions of RISC OS?

RISC OS Awards results 2020 now online

Open for approximately three months, the 2020 RISC OS Awards poll covering 2020 ran from April until June of this year, and received 141 valid votes. The results were calculated a little later than planned, but making a change from the normal approach of publishing them on Twitter and then the Awards website, this time around they were presented live at the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meeting on 16th August.

Terry Swanborough talks RiscPCB to MUG – 3rd July

RISC OS users with an interest in designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) may wish to attend the next Midlands User Group (MUG) meeting, when Terry Swanborough will be the guest speaker, talking about his freeware PCB designer application, RiscPCB. Terry will also explain how and why he began using RISC OS, and about a current project for which he uses the operating system.

What do a PiDP-11, YTPlay, and editing meeting videos have in common?

They’ll all be discussed at the next Wakefield meeting! Offering a range of topics, rather than just one speaker talking on one topic, the next Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) meeting has been designated a Potpourri evening, with spots from Cliff Hatch, Doug Webb (infiltrating the Club from the Midlands), and Ruth Gunstone.