12MinsTo9 – simple maths and sliding tiles

A completed game of 12MinsTo9 where the maximum achieved was 512

A very simple game that’s been around for about a decade is 2048, a sliding tile game in which the goal is to slide all of the numbered tiles in one of four directions, in order to cause collisions between two tiles bearing the same number, at which point they combine to become the total of the two.

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MacOS meets RISC OS with Mark Stephens & WROCC – 7th June

RISC OS has always been a nice operating system to use, with some user interface (UI) features that set it apart from the competition, but we all know that it can also be frustrating to use because of the many features and facilities it lacks – which is why, for most users, it has to be used alongside (or under emulation on) computers running something else. This means that for RISC OS to continue to be useful, not only does it need to stand out with its UI, but it…

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