Jan 252018

No, not THAT finger – one to indicate counting to, er, one!

The first of RISC OS Open’s bounties to overhaul the USB stack has now been completed, bringing a number of benefits to the operating system, including the ability to use power-on-keypresses to recover the system when things go a little awry at boot; something that was present on older hardware, but lost when we made the shift to USB for our input devices.

The plans for updating the USB stack were broken down into two steps in order to make part of the task more easily achievable before the next stable release of RISC OS, in particular because it was needed for the Raspberry Pi port of the operating system, so with this first step completed that leaves only one step remaining – hence the finger reference; one finger is the number you need to count to, er, one!

For more details, refer to RISC OS Open’s press release.

Jun 082014

I bet you thought I hadn’t noticed? Well I hadn’t, until now.

Jim Lesurf announced updates to some of his USB audio applications recently – which somehow slipped by RISCOSitory unnoticed until today.

The first of these, announced on 29th May, was an update to USBPlayer, an application that allows suitable wave (.WAV, &FB1) files to be played via USB Audio devices that follow the USB Audio standards. Continue reading »

May 272014

Announcement from Jim Lesurf, 21st May, 2014

USBRecorder is a program that can be used to make audio recordings via a suitable USB audio device. I have now released a new version (Version 0.61) which has some changes and improvements over earlier versions. Continue reading »
Feb 272014

Announcement from Jim Lesurf, 26th February, 2014

This to announce that I have now put links to copies of some test/demo programs for USB Audio on my main software page. It also gives links to where you can find the required modules along with a list of some of the audio devices known to work correctly. Continue reading »

Jun 012011

Hot on the heels of the announcement from RISC OS Open Ltd about their bounty scheme, Jim Lesurf has announced a ‘cash prize’ of £300 for someone (or a group):

To develop the USB stack/interface, user API, etc, to allow [modern high quality USB devices like the Halide Bridge, Arcam rDAC, etc] to be ‘plug and play’ with ‘native’ ARM hardware running RISC OS. Thus enabling RISC OS users to make use of modern USB devices for high quality audio playing (and recording).

Jim goes on to detail on the requirements that need to be satisfied in order to be able to claim the prize – full details can be found on his website.