Aug 112017

The latest Icon Bar Interview was published this morning, featuring Orpheus Internet‘s Richard Brown as the interviewee. Richard, as everyone should know by now, teams up with R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley to form the Dynamic Duo that organises the RISC OS Southwest Show – the first main RISC OS show in the calendar year.

And in that interview, Richard revealed the date of the 2018 event as Saturday, 24th February – again in the Webbington Hotel, located on the edge of the Mendip Hills between Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare. That’s about six and a half months away – so plenty of time to get yourselves sorted and make the necessary arrangements to come to the show and support it and everyone involved.

Don’t forget, RISCOSitory now hosts a shows and events mailing list, which you can use to discuss anything to do with this and other shows – including discussing and making arrangements for combined travel, if you need to.

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Nov 212016

For those who have yet to read it, The Icon Bar – a site that once upon a time saw regular news and features posted to it, and seems to be starting to do so again – has this weekend published an interview with Jeffrey Lee.

Jeffrey, as every RISC OS user should know, puts a remarkable amount of effort into the operating system, and has been heavily involved in bringing it to some of the newer platforms we now enjoy. Not entirely surprisingly, therefore, he has also won Best Overall Contributor in the RISC OS Awards for the last two years running.

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Dec 012013

Celebrating the best of the RISC OS world!

RISC OS Awards logo

RISC OS Awards logo

Picking up the baton from those who have carried out RISC OS awards polls in the past – the Acorn press of old, followed by the Drobe, Icon Bar and RISCOScode websites – RISCOSitory is pleased to announce that it is conducting an awards poll to cover both 2012 and 2013.

The poll – which will be combined with a simple survey to form a picture of the RISC OS landscape – will take place on its own website and, in time, the aim will be to archive the results of previous polls on that site, so that they can always be found in one place.

So point your browsers at the RISC OS Awards website and take a look through the nominations for the first RISCOSitory annual awards poll.

A voting form will appear in mid-December and will remain online for three to four weeks, with the results being published some time in January 2014.

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Dec 242011

Something lacking from the tail end of last year was any kind of awards poll on any of the RISC OS news and information websites. Until its switch from active publishing to ‘archive’ mode, Drobe traditionally held an awards poll, and then The Icon Bar picked up the baton – until last year.

This year, RISCOScode has taken on the task. Continue reading »

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