Nov 042016

The Southampton RISC OS Users Group will be meeting next on 8th November, running from 7:00pm until 9:00pm with no admission fee. The group gets together in the Sports Centre of Itchen College, Deacon Road, Southampton – head for the College Centre, an open area with tables and chairs, by the Sports Centre Reception desk.

The group usually has a small network of RISC OS computers, and those attending are welcome to bring along any hardware and software they choose, to test or demonstrate.

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Sep 092016

Horsham, Southampton, Bristol, Midlands, Wessex… Everybody talk about… pop music! No, hang on, that’s not right.

There are quite a number of user group meetings taking place over the next week, so it seems sensible to wrap them up in a single post, covering all of those up to and including next Saturday (17th September). Continue reading »

May 112015

No passwords or secret handshakes required.


Tuesday, 12th May, 2015 – Tomorrow evening – is the date of the next meeting of the Southampton RISC OS Users Group. The meeting runs from around 7:00pm until 9:00pm at: Continue reading »

Mar 072015

BASIC heating at March meeting!

Dave Higton, has posted a reminder about an upcoming meeting of the Southampton RISC OS Users Group, aka SROUG.

Following February’s shift from its usual second Tuesday of the month, which was due to a clash with a parents’ evening, the March meeting of the Southampton group is back on schedule, and will therefore take place on Tuesday, 10th March, at the usual time of 7pm, running until 9pm. Continue reading »

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Feb 092015

The heat is on… hopefully.

The Southampton RISC OS User Group’s next meeting is taking place a day later than usual – the meetings are usually on the second Tuesday of each month but February’s is instead set for Wednesday, 11th February. Meeting organiser Dave Higton changed the date for February a couple of weeks ago, to avoid clashing with a Parents’ Evening at the group’s usual meeting place. Continue reading »

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Jan 242015

Also, group name morphs from SAUG into SROUG.

The Southampton RISC OS Users Group usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and In February, that should mean the 10th. However, Dave Higton reports that there is a clash on that day with a Parents’ Evening, so the February meeting has been provisionally rescheduled for the following day – Wednesday, 11th February. Continue reading »

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