Mar 142017

The next monthly meeting of Cheshire-based RONWUG takes place tomorrow evening – Wednesday 15th March. Organised by Steve Potts, the meeting kicks off at around 7:30pm, and is open to anyone with an interest in RISC OS – and there are no membership or entrance fees. So, if you’re in the area tomorrow evening, the place to be is:

Trafford Metrovick Rugby and Cricket Club,
Finnybank Road,
M33 6LR.
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Jan 162017

The next meeting of the RISC OS North West User Group will take place on Wednesday, 18th January, running from 7:30pm until around 10:00pm at the usual venue:

The Trafford Metrovick Rugby and Cricket Club,
Finnybank Road,
M33 6LR.

There are no membership or entry fees, and the meeting is open to anyone interested in RISC OS computers.

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Nov 142016

The RISC OS North West User Group next meets up this coming Wednesday evening from around 7:30pm. The meeting will take place at the Trafford Metrovick Rugby & Cricket Club, Finnybank Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 6LR, and anyone interested in RISC OS is welcome to come along – there are no membership or entry fees.

The group usually gets together on the third Wednesday of each month, but organiser Steve Potts points out that the November meeting is actually the last one of the year – there is usually no meeting in December due to Christmas holidays.


* The original version of this post had the date in the subject line as 16th October, as well as the URL – both of which are obviously incorrect (though I’ve left the URL as it was). When it was pointed out to me, I thought it was simply my mistake due to being in a hurry. On checking further, however, I can see that Steve Potts’ announcement has the correct date in the subject line, but 16th October in the body text – I obviously copied that, without spotting the error. So that’ll be a broken cog nomination for him for that, and one for me for not spotting the mistake.

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Mar 162016

It’s not like they’re buses or anything, but…

Three user group meetings will be taking place over the next few days, with the first of the three – RONWUG – taking place tonight. The second will be the MUG meeting on Saturday, and the third the ROUGOL meeting on Monday. So, a quick look at all three in that order: Continue reading »

Jan 192016

Announcement from Steve Potts, 18th January, 2016.

RONWUG – RISC OS North West User Group – 20th January 2016

RONWUG‘s next meeting is this Wednesday, and we’re hoping there will be no further venue disruption. Work appeared to be almost complete in November, but Plan B is still ready to put into action should the need be required. Continue reading »

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Nov 162015

But if there is, it might be a sort of ‘Plan B.1’ (if that makes sense!)

For the last few months, Steve Potts has been announcing the RISC OS North West User Group’s meetings with a warning that, due to ongoing building refurbishment work, it’s possible that the group might not be able to meet in the usual place. To that end, he has provided a ‘Plan B’ that would see the group relocate to an alternative venue if necessary. Continue reading »

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Oct 202015

Those builders just won’t stop drinking that tea!

For a few month’s now, each announcement of a RISC OS North West User Group’s meeting has included a warning that the group may have to meet in an alternative location – and this month is no different. The meeting takes place tomorrow evening, 21st October, and once again there is a possibility that ongoing refurbishment work may prevent access to the usual room. Continue reading »

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