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Jan 072015

Show ‘em the money!

RISC OS Open Ltd, responsible for managing the RISC OS 5 source code, have announced another run of bounty matching for this month.

The bounty scheme was launched in 2011 as a way to allow members of the RISC OS community to contribute funds towards the development of certain aspects of RISC OS. A number of different bounties are listed on the RISC OS Open website, and people can send money to go towards whichever one(s) they see fit. Continue reading »

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Apr 152014

And, for many people, you’re still going strong.

The RiscPC was the most powerful computer Acorn ever put into production, and it was officially launched twenty years ago today, on Friday, 15th April, 1994. according to Acorn’s April 1994 Developers’ Newsletter and the date of their announcement on usenet. RISCOSitory takes a look back over its twenty year (so far) life. Continue reading »

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Oct 042013

Putting Portsmouth on the RISC OS map.

The first ever RISC OS show in Portsmouth took place on 28th September, 2013- and it seems to have been a successful one, with both exhibitors and visitors reflecting positively about the event.

The venue itself, the second floor of Innovation Warehouse Portsmouth, was comparatively small, offering a much more limited amount of space than other RISC OS shows, but the number of exhibitors filled the space very neatly, giving a good balance of things to see and people to talk to versus adequate space for visitors to be able to wander around without feeling crowded. All in all, it worked well. Continue reading »

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Sep 222013

 A chip off for the old block RiscPC.

Shortly after unveiling it at the Midlands Show on July 13th, RISC OS Open Ltd announced the official release of RISC OS 5.20 – the latest ‘stable’ version* – towards the end of the month.

This version incorporates a massive 625 changes for the IYONIX pc, and 654 changes for the OMAP3 platform, as used on the BeagleBoard. Many of the changes are common to both platforms, but there are – obviously – differences between the hardware and facilities offered by the platforms Continue reading »

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Aug 012013

Set a new date for your diaries: 28th September, 2013

Following RISC OS Open Limited‘s announcement of a proposed new show to be held in Portsmouth, originally slated for 20th July, which would have put it a mere week after the Midlands Show and may have proven difficult for exhibitors, the idea was taken back to the drawing board and some possible new dates considered, with 21st and 28th September being offered up as possibilities. Continue reading »

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Jul 292013

Late September now on the cards.

A couple of months ago, RISC OS Open Ltd announced the possibility of another chance to show off RISC OS to all and sundry, by proposing a show in Portsmouth. The show would be free to both exhibitors and visitors alike, and take on the now familiar format – but it would be marketed more widely, in order to try and attract fresh faces to the event.

The only problem was the date suggested for the event – 20th July – which would have put it just a week after the Midlands Show, which may have been a bit too soon for some exhibitors. Continue reading »

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Jun 012013

Is this the furthest South mainland UK show yet? How about Lizard Point next, please?

With the growing number of low-cost Raspberry Pi systems now in the hands of end users, or even slightly more expensive options such as the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard – which are still relatively cheap compared with RISC OS computers of old – there are more and more people out there who could potentially start using RISC OS on those systems. Continue reading »

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Jun 102012

Arrives in a flash.

Something missing from RISC OS, which is increasingly apparent with support for them on modern devices on which the operating system can be run (or could be theoretically run if it was ported), is a filing system and driver for MMC/SD cards, allowing them to be accessed and used when inserted in the MicroSD card on hardware such as the BeagleBoard, in much the same way as any other storage media are accessed, like a hard or floppy disk or a CD or DVD ROM.

MMC/SD cards can, of course, be read from or written to when inserted in a card reader plugged into a USB socket, but that’s much less convenient – especially considering (for example) that the card from which RISC OS is booted on current modern platforms will be in the SD card slot. With RISC OS taking up only a few megabytes, and the card almost certainly having considerably more space available, that’s either wasted space, or space which can only be made use of in an inconvenient way.

Until now, that is. Continue reading »

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