Jan 132018

A round-up of 2017 news that could have been reported on at the time if people had only sent it this way!

With 2017 now behind us, looking back over the RISCOSitory posts for the year might leave people thinking there has been very little activity in the RISC OS world – but in fact it merely means there have been very few posts on the site over the course of the year. This, sadly, is a reflection of the amount of news submitted to RISCOSitory by developers etc, more than anything else, with their news being posted elsewhere.

So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been scouring forums and feeds that have gone unread due to a lack of spare time, and where something has jumped out at me as something I might have reported on, I’ve rounded it up in the snippets post below. Continue reading »

Aug 262016

Round up, round up; news in a very late style. (That was what China Crisis sang, wasn’t it?)

The bunker has been engulfed in chaos for quite a while – with a heavy workload leading to a period of hectic and frantic headless chicken impersonations. On top of that, a partial change of platforms has been undertaken, with some work being migrated from Windows (grr, spit, hiss) to Linux – and being completely new to Linux, that has meant adding a bit of self-education into the mix, not to mention that the installation didn’t go entirely smoothly!

However, today there is a brief lapse in the chaos, so how about a round-up of some news over the several months that wasn’t dealt with as individual items? Continue reading »

Nov 282015

With the end of November rapidly approaching, and with it the deadline for preparing the RISC OS Awards poll for 2015 (coming soon, folks), here are some news items that have previously either slipped under the RISCOSitory RADAR (it came with the bunker, doncherknow), or which were held back for a snippets post. Like this one! Continue reading »

May 192013

Wait! What? Why did I put the pun in the title instead of here? D’oh!

First released a little over a year ago, MoreKeys is an application designed to make it easier to enter ‘extended’ characters – those not normally found on a standard keyboard – in a way that was inspired by the on-screen keyboard on developer Rick Murray’s mobile phone. Continue reading »

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May 122012

All we need now is more fingers. Or not, since this solves that problem.

Towards the end of March, Rick Murray released a new application designed to make it easier to enter ‘extended’ characters, those not normally found on a standard keyboard – solving the problem of having to remember which key combination or sequence will produce which characters, or having to switch to using the mouse to use an alternative input method, such as the Chars application.

That application was MoreKeys, which allows the user to define a selection of characters to assign to a particular key; Continue reading »

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