Mar 132015

Time for a good dollop of ketchup… erm, I mean, time to catch up!

As ever, the result of devoting time to getting ready for a RISC OS show means putting other work to one side to deal with after – which therefore means I tend to be busy after the show, leading to a lack of updates to RISCOSitory (an effect worsened when the show happens to fall at the start of what is going to be a busy period anyway, as some do).

So the best way to deal with that?

A ‘Snippets’ post catching up on things and bringing the site back up to date! That’ll be this, then, starting with some event news. Continue reading »

Mar 162014

Announcement from Philip J. Ludlam, 15th March, 2014.

This is to announce the 0.39beta2 release of Director.


There are two archives available for download. The first (director) contains the main Director programs and associated utilities and menus. The second (director-devel) also contains the source code and CVS information. Continue reading »