Mar 132015

Time for a good dollop of ketchup… erm, I mean, time to catch up!

As ever, the result of devoting time to getting ready for a RISC OS show means putting other work to one side to deal with after – which therefore means I tend to be busy after the show, leading to a lack of updates to RISCOSitory (an effect worsened when the show happens to fall at the start of what is going to be a busy period anyway, as some do).

So the best way to deal with that?

A ‘Snippets’ post catching up on things and bringing the site back up to date! That’ll be this, then, starting with some event news. Continue reading »

Feb 272014

Announcement from Chris Evans, 27th February, 2014

CJE Micro’s & 4D are looking forward to seeing many of you at the South West RISC OS Show this coming Saturday, 1st March, 2014.

Higher Specs, Lower Prices, USB Audio Interfaces, USB Speakers & SuperCaps; just a few of the things to be found on our stand at the Show. Continue reading »

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