Nov 132017

Meanwhile, I have yet to get the final Wakefield Show video finished and uploaded!

ROUGOL member Leo White, who records the theatre talks at the London Show, has now uploaded the recordings of this year’s talks to YouTube. In alphabetical order:


Oct 222017

There is now less than a week to go until this year’s London Show – it takes place next Saturday, 28th October – and as well as the extensive line up of exhibitors, there is now a very full theatre programme.

When he emailed exhibitors a week ago, ROUGOL‘s Bryan Hogan listed the main five talks, and asked if anyone would care to give short snappy talks of five to ten minutes – and it looks like that request has been answered. In alphabetical order, that line-up in full is: BBC Media Preservation, CJE Micro’s, MW Software, R-Comp, RISC OS Developments Ltd, RISC OS Open Ltd, Sine Nomine Software with RISCOSbits, and VideoNuLA.

Apr 012016

I hope you’re all sitting down for this one 🙁

Earlier today (well, yesterday, strictly speaking), RISCOSitory published a preview of the Wakefield Show, which takes place on 16th April – two weeks from now.

In that piece, a specific point was made of MW Software being on the exhibitor list – largely because Martin Würthner wasn’t at the show last year and, indeed, his show appearances have, of late, been a little rare. However, since then, the show website has been updated to include the ‘blurb’ that has been provided from some exhibitors for both the website and the printed show guide (which will be provided to visitors on the day) – and all references to Martin’s company appear to have been removed. Continue reading »

Feb 072015

Previously only provisional, presence now, er, confirmed.

With the Southwest Show fast approaching – it’s set to take place on the 21st February, just two weeks from today – organisers R-Comp Interactive and Orpheus Internet have been able to confirm the attendance of three more exhibitors: Continue reading »

Dec 312013

Announcement from Martin Wuerthner, 11th October, 2013

I am glad to announce a new release of the EasiWriter family of structured word processors with MS Word compatibility. Version 9.1 made its first public appearance at this year’s Wakefield Show in April, but the official release has been held back until now to allow further features to be added. Continue reading »
May 132012

Straight up! Or curved a bit, with a variable width and graduated fill!

For what may have been a first, this year’s Wakefield Show saw Martin Wuerthner demonstrating a new version of ArtWorks that wasn’t actually ready for sale – though he expected it to become available soon after.

After only a very short time, ‘soon after’ has arrived, and Martin has announced the availability of that new version.

ArtWorks 2.X2 introduces a major new feature, in the form of ‘Artistic Lines’, which presents the user with many new creative opportunities – and they are apparently fun to play with, as well! Continue reading »

Sep 102011

QuadDioph is a new piece of software from Martin Carradus. It’s an application that solves or finds “solution of certain Quadratic Diophantine Equations, of the form x^2 + B.x.y + A.y^2 = z^p, (e.g. x^2 + y^2 = z^2, two squares adding to a square, or x^2 + y^2 = z^3, two squares adding to a cube).” The application is free to download from Martin’s website.

Martin Wuerthner has announced that an ARMv7 compatible version of InterGif. Version 6.18 can be used on the BeagleBoard, ARMini, etc. InterGif is an application for converting graphics from RISC OS Sprite and Draw formats to GIF format with optimised palettes, allowing them to be viewed on other platforms, and used on websites. Originally written by Peter Harley and now maintained by Martin Wuerthner, the software also allows GIF animations to be created from a series of Sprites, and can also convert from GIF to Sprite format.

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Mar 052011

As a Bristol resident the annual RISC OS South West show, held at the Webbington Hotel near Loxton, is my local event – but one I almost always miss because it usually takes place in February and clashes with a regular holiday. This year, however, the show was held slightly later, so I was able to go along as a visitor. Having missed it for some years now I’ve no real notion of what the show is typically like in terms of  the number of visitors, so I couldn’t say if there was an increase or not this year – but what I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out. I can’t help but suspect that it is higher than previous years, and that the reason for it is a combination of the amazing coup that Paul Middleton managed by getting Sophie Wilson to do a theatre presentation, and R-Comp‘s decision to unveil their ARMini computer at the show. That’s the sort of combination that could have the South West Show challenging the Wakefield Show as the premiere event in the RISC OS calendar.

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