Sep 092016

Horsham, Southampton, Bristol, Midlands, Wessex… Everybody talk about… pop music! No, hang on, that’s not right.

There are quite a number of user group meetings taking place over the next week, so it seems sensible to wrap them up in a single post, covering all of those up to and including next Saturday (17th September). Continue reading »

May 202016

Also to discuss Recursion 2016. Also to dis… oh, wait, no – that’d be repetition, not recursion.

The Midland User Group‘s next meeting will feature Tom Williamson from Ident Computer as its guest speaker.

Part of the Ident broadcasting & Communications group, which Tom founded in 2006, Ident Computer was formed with the aim of helping to preserve and exhibit retro systems, such as the BBC Micro, as well as to build and support new resources for the education sector. It is education in particular that he is set to discuss at the MUG meeting, with the topic being the use of RISC OS in modern education, and how a new audience is being exposed to its virtues. Continue reading »

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Mar 162016

It’s not like they’re buses or anything, but…

Three user group meetings will be taking place over the next few days, with the first of the three – RONWUG – taking place tonight. The second will be the MUG meeting on Saturday, and the third the ROUGOL meeting on Monday. So, a quick look at all three in that order: Continue reading »

Jan 152016

All you need: A used washing up liquid bottle, some sticky-back plastic, and a pair of scissors. Again.1

The next meeting of the Midlands User Group takes place tomorrow (16th January), and will feature a hardware repair workshop in which the group will be looking at resurrecting and repairing some older RISC OS hardware. Continue reading »

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Jun 162015

To be or not to be? To be, to be – obviously!

Over the last few years, the Midsummer Midlands MUG Show became so excruciatingly small that for the last couple of years (2014, 2013) the visitor numbers have only just been in the twenties – and last year the decision was made that there wouldn’t be a show at all this year.

At least, not a standalone show – but RISC OS users looking for an early July event to attend in the Midlands are in luck! Continue reading »

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