May 232018

Having just published an item concerning GDPR, this may be a good opportunity to pre-empt an obvious question and explain why RISCOSitory currently has no Privacy Policy published on the website.

The simple answer is that the site does not collect any personally identifiable information (with the exception of IP addresses in site logs, handled by the site’s hosting company). There are no user logins, so no visitor email addresses or other details stored, and the site does not store cookies on your computer. It does not need any of this, so does not collect or do any of it – and that’s all there is to it1. Continue reading »

Mar 062017

With yet another successful Southwest Show disappearing in the rear view mirror (report coming soon…ish), and the Wakefield Show now looming on the horizon, there has been a small amount of behind the scenes discussion about issues surrounding the RISC OS shows in general.

An idea put forward in one of those discussions was for a general mailing list for people to discuss recent and upcoming events – and that idea has now been turned into reality with the RISC OS shows and events discussion list. Continue reading »

Apr 062014

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 4th April, 2014.

R-Comp Interactive have recently written to users of RISCube and RISCBook computer systems regarding the imminent end-of-life of Windows XP (April 8th). The general advice is “don’t panic” but we have provided a range of (we hope) helpful tips to bear in mind if you’re still using Windows XP on your RISCube or RISCbook. Continue reading »

May 152012

Jumps out. Says “Boo!”

With OpenVector and its brethren continuing to be updated by Christopher Martin, Richard Torrens has highlighted the existence of the OpenVector mailing list, which he has been running for a couple of years, and is for both existing users of the software, as well as potential new users.

Richard, who also operates a number of other mailing lists, enthused about the software, saying “OpenVector does everything Draw does (and then some!) and completely replaces Draw. If you use Draw at all – switch to OpenVector!”

There is also a handy page listing control key assignments in OpenVector on Richard’s website, with the possibility of more such pages appearing if there is enough interest.

Mar 242012

It’s been a busy month again here, which means there have been no posts to RISCOSitory for a while – so here’s a quick round-up of recent goings on in the world of RISC OS.

RISC OS 5.18

RISC OS 5 has seen its latest ‘stable’ release in the form of RISC OS 5.18, which features some 340 improvements since the last such release (version 5.16). The full list of improvements can be found on the RISC OS Open website, but this list isn’t written in ‘typical user-speak’. In response to requests for a more user friendly list, Rob Sprowson posted one to usenet, which Steve Revill has since posted on the RISC OS open forum. Continue reading »

Nov 192011

Following on from the news that Pipedream is now free to download, Gerald Fitton has announced that Fireworkz for RISC OS is also now free to download. Fireworkz is an integrated word processor and spreadsheet package, with some very powerful and useful facilities, which works in a fundamentally different way to PipeDream. Both are very powerful and useful pieces of software and, if you haven’t used them before, they come highly recommended. A mailing list has also been set up for the software on Google Groups by Stuart Swales, the programmer responsible for updating the software. Continue reading »

Feb 282011

Following the success of the first meeting of members of the Bristol RISC OS Users mailing list, a discussion list formed to support the possible rebirth of a user group for the area, a second meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 16th March, 2011, and is therefore an ideal opportunity to discuss anything of interest from the RISC OS South West Show, which takes place on Saturday 5th March, 2011. Continue reading »

Jan 202011

Following on from discussions that began about a year ago and which led initially to the creation of a mailing list to bring together RISC OS users in and around the Bristol area, an initial meeting has been announced for those users – so if you are a RISC OS user in that area, the date to note in your diaries is Wednesday 26th January, 7:15pm for 7:30pm, and the venue the Air Balloon pub in Filton, Bristol – which is very easy to find. The following is the announcement that has been posted to comp.sys.acorn.announce:

Continue reading »

Oct 212010

According to Jim Nagel of Archive Magazine in a post to the the Bristol RISC OS Users mailing list, he received news today that a date has been pencilled in for the South West Show in 2011 – 5th March. No further details are available as yet, and given that Jim used the words ‘pencilled in’ this date is presumably not definite and could be subject to change.

The South West Show has traditionally been held in mid to late February, at The Webbington Hotel, Loxton, and although Jim didn’t mention the venue, that is where it will most likely be held since it is such an easy location for exhibitors to get to, being just off the A38 and very close to the M5.