Dec 302014

Because while no news is good news, some news is better. Or something.

Keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory will no doubt have noticed that for the last couple of months they have in fact not been keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory at all. As is sometimes the case, the workload here at the Soft Rock Software office became somewhat hectic for a while – moreso, I think, than it’s ever been before – leaving no time for any updates to the site.

And to cap that, a nasty bout of flu has meant most of the Christmas holiday so far has been spent wrapped up in bed with either the TV on, or a good book open – but now I feel I can sit at the computer long enough to compile the news that has been missed into a final snippets post for 2014! Continue reading »

May 272012

App to tell you when Euro millionaire.

Lcheck, the lottery syndicate checking application from Kevin Wells, has been updated to version 1.08.

The recent update to version 1.07 added the facility to for the software to use wget and a working internet connection to fetch the last eleven draws for the main Lottery, Thunderball and Plus 5 games. Missing from that list were the results of the Euro Millions because, according to Kevin, “the last field in their csv download file is for the Millionaire raffle and sometimes they have multiple draws for that, which until the next one occurs I’m not sure how best to sort this.” Continue reading »

May 122012

Not yet able to predict next week’s numbers.

Kevin Wells has released a new version of his lottery syndicate checking application, Lcheck.

Written to work for the UK National Lottery, Thunderball and Euro Millions draws, Lcheck will compare your syndicate numbers to see if they match the numbers from those draws, bringing any lines that do to your attention. Continue reading »