Apr 052018

Kevin Wells’ application for displaying information about your local representitive, MPdata+, has gained another new feature – it can now tell you when there are upcoming elections in your local area.

The program uses wget to fetch data from remote sites, parse it, and then present it in a RISC OS window, and for the new feature the data is found on the Who Can I Vote For website.

Jan 162018

Kevin Wells has released a new version of VKeyboard, his application that presents the user with an on-screen ‘virtual’ keyboard, driven by the mouse. A click on a given key causes the relevant character to be inserted in the keyboard buffer, and thus sent to whichever running application has the cursor, just as if the equivalent key had been pressed on a physical keyboard.

The update adds the ability to create and edit new keyboards, with the number allowed in theory limited only by the number of files that can be stored in a directory on the version of RISC OS in use.

Nov 282015

With the end of November rapidly approaching, and with it the deadline for preparing the RISC OS Awards poll for 2015 (coming soon, folks), here are some news items that have previously either slipped under the RISCOSitory RADAR (it came with the bunker, doncherknow), or which were held back for a snippets post. Like this one! Continue reading »

Sep 282015

Kevin Wells has updated his virtual keyboard application VKeyboard to accept multiple keyboards.

The application presents a keyboard display on screen, and the action of clicking on any of the displayed keys will either result in the represented character being inserted wherever the cursor is or, for special keys – such as page up/down, tab, etc – the relevant action is carried out.

With v1.02, users can now add additional keyboards. Creating and editing the keyboards is currently a manual process, involving editing files in the application’s innards, though a blank ‘template’ keyboard is provided as a starting point. Once a keyboard is defined, it can be selected by clicking Menu over the application when running.

Feb 162015

But do try not to have nightmares!

Kevin Wells has released a new version of MPData+, his application for keeping tabs on UK local MPs.

The software is designed to retrieve a variety of information about local MPs from the TheyWorkForYou website, displaying some of it – such as their name, constituency, party, the date they entered the House of Commons, and more – in a window on the desktop. Continue reading »

Dec 302014

Because while no news is good news, some news is better. Or something.

Keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory will no doubt have noticed that for the last couple of months they have in fact not been keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory at all. As is sometimes the case, the workload here at the Soft Rock Software office became somewhat hectic for a while – moreso, I think, than it’s ever been before – leaving no time for any updates to the site.

And to cap that, a nasty bout of flu has meant most of the Christmas holiday so far has been spent wrapped up in bed with either the TV on, or a good book open – but now I feel I can sit at the computer long enough to compile the news that has been missed into a final snippets post for 2014! Continue reading »