Oct 122012

RISC OS 4 and 6 users can once again show the world their holiday snaps.

Pic_Index is an application developed by John Williams to generate a thumbnail index for a set of JPEG files, in HTML format – ideal for use as gallery pages on websites, CD ROMs, or anywhere else the user might wish to store the images and resulting HTML. Continue reading »

Jul 062012

Cross platform tool doesn’t get cross if it can’t see the other platform.

John Williams, of Pic_Index fame, has released version 1.4 of URLtoIE, his application designed to help with web pages that prove troublesome on RISC OS browsers, by passing them over the network to Internet Explorer on a PC.

The application will  take an address contained within an Acorn URI shortcut, an ANT URL shortcut or a plain text file – such as a URL dragged straight from NetSurf, though any text file can be used; it will search through the file until it finds a URL – and convert it to an Internet Explorer shortcut. When the file containing the URL is dragged onto URLtoIE on the icon bar, the application works its magic and presents the user with a save dialogue. The icon in that dialogue can be dragged to a filer window to save it – which could be a suitable location on another computer on the network, accessed using LanManFS. Continue reading »