Apr 272018

No, wait, that’s 2.05, a version number – not 2:05, a time!

Chris Johnson has – apparently belatedly – announced the release of CPUClock (mirror) version 2.05, an small application that can display the speed and temperature of the CPU, as well as offer some control, such as reducing the clock speed if the temperature reaches a trigger value. According to Chris, the core functionality hasn’t changed in the new version, but it benefits from the availability of more details on the CPU status, and any control of its speed.

Note that the software is only of use on modern hardware, which provides the facilities to read and set the speed, and read the temperature – that means platforms such as the BeagleBoard, Pandaboard, IGEPv5, Titanium, and Raspberry Pi.  Neither older hardware nor emulated solutions are supported.

Dec 022016

New maintainer, new home, new very low price!

DPlngScan iconThose in the world of RISC OS who possess long memories will know that there was a time when if you wanted to connect a scanner to your Acorn computer (because this was at a time when Acorn were still around, and the only suppliers of computers that ran RISC OS), there was a very good chance you’d be buying the necessary software from David Pilling. Continue reading »

Oct 262016

Along with a new version of TranJPEG, Chris Johnson has also released a new version of Text>Draw (mirror), an application that makes it easier to create ‘composite text objects’ – related groups of text objects that use differing styles of text, allowing you to mix normal text with superscripts, italics, and so on, which can’t be done in individual text objects in Draw.

The update brings the ability to click with Adjust on the icon bar to access the application’s choices and the ability to set a text background colour. Several bugs have also been squashed and the application’s internal structure has been changed.

Oct 262016

Chris Johnson has released a new version of TranJPEG (mirror), an application that allows a number of transformations to be applied to JPEG images in a lossless manner, by acting as a front-end to the IJPG ‘jpegtran’ command-line utility. Version 1.33 sees several bugs squashed, and an option to overwrite the original file when processing.

Jun 122016

Now copes with setirps as well as sprites.

ConvImgs iconGiven that Chris Johnson has already added compatibility to Snapper for the new graphics format found on IGEPv5 and Titanium systems – not to mention the assistance he gave to David Pilling for Ovation Pro‘s support for the new formats – it’s probably not a huge surprise to hear that he has also updated ConvImgs (mirror), which is now at version 1.10. Continue reading »

Jun 112016

Ovation Pro iconA new version of desktop publishing application Ovation Pro has been released by David Pilling. The update to version 2.77z enables the software to work on the Titanium and IGEPv5 platforms, on which screen memory has the red and blue bits swapped (compared with earlier RISC OS systems) in screen memory. Continue reading »

Jun 102016

App can snap itself – no selfie stick required.

Snapper iconChris Johnson has released a new version of versatile screen-grab application Snapper (mirror).

Originally developed by David Pilling and now further developed by Chris, the application allows you to grab more (or, in fact, less) than just the whole screen. It can also capture an area inside a user-defined bounding box, or it can snap the window under the mouse pointer, with or without the window furniture – and with or without the mouse pointer. Continue reading »

Apr 122016

Can I stop being so busy now, please? Pretty please? Aw, go on…

Observant readers will no doubt have noticed a low post count on RISCOSitory since the Southwest Show – a grand total of eight, in fact, including the show report itself, and this year’s April Fool. As is often the case, this is because I’ve been too busy to devote time to this site (or anything RISC OS-related in general). Continue reading »

Sep 282015

When it comes to maths, graphing is where I draw the line1!

GraphDraw application iconGraphDraw is a graph plotting application from Chris Johnson, which allows x and y values to be input and subsequently edited, and from the resulting data the software can calculate and plot: Continue reading »