Apr 122016

Can I stop being so busy now, please? Pretty please? Aw, go on…

Observant readers will no doubt have noticed a low post count on RISCOSitory since the Southwest Show – a grand total of eight, in fact, including the show report itself, and this year’s April Fool. As is often the case, this is because I’ve been too busy to devote time to this site (or anything RISC OS-related in general). Continue reading »

Dec 212013

A selection of announcements from Chris Hall during 2013

Cat version 0.18, announced 4th July, 2013

A disc cataloguing utility, Cat version 0.18, is now available from !Store and via PackMan. This presents a disc catalogue in a window, showing a tree structure of files and directories. The contents can be saved in several forms and the graphical layout can be adjusted to suit. Disc contents can be compared and changed files (by datestamp and/or CRC) identified. Continue reading »