Nov 042017

The next meeting of the Bristol RISC OS Users group will take place on Wednesday, 8th November – but not at the usual venue. This month, the group can be found in a pub a short walk away from their normal meeting place. The meeting will be held at The Eldon House pub, which can be found at:

6 Lower Clifton Hill,
BS8 1BT.

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Sep 082017

If you can find it, you’ll be able to find out where you are. Or something.

The next RISC OS Users meeting in Bristol will take place on Wednesday, 13th September, in the Hope and Anchor pub, and will run from around 7:00-7:30pm until the pub’s closing time. An informal affair, the meetings are an opportunity for anyone in the area to meet up for a drink and a chat about all things RISC OS, and more besides.

This month, Chris Hall intends to bring along the latest version of his RISC OS-based satellite navigation device, Continue reading »

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Mar 052017

Insert witty comment about Witty Pi here. Um… that’ll do.

The next meeting of Bristol RISC OS Users (BRU) will take place on Wednesday, 8th March, at the Hope and Anchor pub in Bristol – and, as ever, anyone with an interest in RISC OS who is in the area is welcome to come along; there are no membership or entry fees.

Running from around 7:30pm until closing time, the meetings are generally informal in nature, and consist of a group of like-minded people meeting up for a chat over a pie1 and a pint2. Continue reading »

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Jan 082017

And possibly – just possibly – some gaming fun, too1.

The next meeting of Bristol RISC OS Users (BRU) will take place on Wednesday, 11th January, and this month Chris Hall will be showing off a £6.00 OLED display, sporting a whopping 128×64 pixel resolution and connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

This is the latest evolution of Chris’ GPS project, with the display showing the Ordnance Survey grid reference, milepost mileage (which will generally show zero unless you are on or very near the Severn Valley Railway, since this part of the software relates to that), and the time. Continue reading »

Sep 092016

Horsham, Southampton, Bristol, Midlands, Wessex… Everybody talk about… pop music! No, hang on, that’s not right.

There are quite a number of user group meetings taking place over the next week, so it seems sensible to wrap them up in a single post, covering all of those up to and including next Saturday (17th September). Continue reading »

May 082016

Southampton, 10. Bristol, 11. Wait, sorry, no – those are dates, not scores.

Tuesday, 10th May is the date of this month’s Southampton RISC OS User Group meeting. Organised as usual by Dave Higton, the meeting will run from around 7:00pm until around 9:00pm, and everyone is welcome to attend. So, with free admittance, if you’re in or around Southampton the place you’ll want to head for is: Continue reading »

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