Jul 072013

Because breaking catching up is never easy…

After falling behind with RISCOSitory updates late last year, I’ve been getting to the stage where I think I’ve almost caught back up, and then things get a little hectic and I fall behind again. I’ve therefore decided to resurrect the ‘snippets’ format to round up a few smaller news items in one go. This doesn’t bring me right up to date, and with the Midlands show almost upon us, I’m likely to fall further behind again, so there will probably be more ‘snippets’ posts in the coming weeks.

So, with no further ado… Continue reading »

Dec 162012

This is not the droid you’re looking for. Because it’s not a droid – it’s a module.

Steve Drain has released version 0.20 of MCPIO, a small, specialised module to control the MCP23017 IIC expander ports on the Raspberry Pi, along with an updated version of Basalt with a new MCPIO keyword. Continue reading »

Jun 022012

Beta Basalt for a better BASIC.

Steve Drain, developer of Basalt, has released a new version of the module. Short for BASIC Alternative keywords, Basalt is a module that adds many additional keywords and features to all versions of BBC BASIC V, the built in programming language included as part of the ROM (or ROM Image) in all versions RISC OS.

Version 1.42 beta is intended as a stable – with a bracketed question mark in Steve’s announcement – version of the previous alpha version, with additional features: Continue reading »

Apr 032012

David Bradforth of Alligata Media has made two books available as free downloads via his Alligata site on MagCloud.

BASIC V for the Acorn Archimedes, by Mike Williams

BASIC V for the Acorn Archimedes, by Mike Williams

BASIC V for the Acorn Archimedes was written by Mike Williams and originally published by Dabs Press in 1989, and was acquired by Alligata Media in 2005. According to the blurb the “book provides a practical guide to programming in BASIC V on the Acorn Archimedes. Assuming a familiarity with the BBC BASIC language in general, it describes the many new commands offered by BASIC V.” Continue reading »